Monday, May 25, 2009

What Does a Dog Do after He's Been Hit by a Car?

The dog has gone off on his own and you don't know where he is. You might not even know that he's wandered off. You might not be aware that he has gotten hit by a car.

What did our dog Joey do after he was hit by the car? He eluded everybody who was trying to HELP him, and walked home, several blocks away. And walked back down our driveway to the gate, and sat, and waited.

He didn't cry, he didn't lay down. He just sat by the gate.  And waited. For me.

People have told me that a dog who knows he's going to die will find an isolated place and just stay there. I don't know about that. I do know that our dog was very wounded, and that he came home, and waited.

And this is why it was so difficult for me to know, on my own, what had happened to our dog.

Another dog I know of (through the blog) was hit by a truck; his owners thought he was dead and they started digging a hole for his final resting place. Suddenly, he started moving.

It was a miracle.

Just last month, ten months after Joey was hit by the car, when I was walking Joey on a rainy day, an enthusiastic City worker stopped me and said, "Is this the dog who was hit by the car?" It turns out this was Eddie, the person who had tried to follow Joey but who'd lost him in the underbrush, and who notified the City that a dog had been hit!

We can salute the spirit of dogs and wounded animals, the spirit to survive.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Our Dog Was Hit by a Car

Hello, friends.

Let me tell you about how our dog, Joey, got hit by a car.

One sunny morning Joey found a very nice place in the back where he could dig a long hole that followed along the fence, and then dip down under it, and gradually squeeze his body under it. In between it and our neighbors’ wooden fence is just enough room, a gap of about six inches, for him to squeeze my thin body through. About 30 feet later he is free.

And that's exactly what he did.

The site Joey chose was particularly clever because there was an evergreen tree in front of it that blocked us from seeing what I was up to. There was also a non-biodegradable plank that I had so smartly had placed there to keep him from access to the fence, which he easily pushed aside, it having become dislodged during the winter snows.

Isn't it amazing how dogs just figure these things out.

But this is just my point of view.  You can read more about Joey's life and about his injury and about life after he was hit by the car from his perspective, from the dog's point of view.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Dog Who Runs

We have a dog and his name is Joey.

Joey runs.  Joey is a runner.

He's a chocolate Labrador Retriever, and as of this writing, he is almost eleven years old.

The miracle of his existence is that he was hit by a car last year and he survived, one miracle right there, and he is still running, three to five miles almost every day, another miracle right there.

This is a blog about living with a dog who runs!

Read my blog! And read about Joey's life and about his injury and about life after he was hit by the car from his perspective, from the dog's point of view.