Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Foreword by Kiko Bracker,  DVM, DACVECC
Director, Emergency and Critical Care, Angell Animal Medical Center,  Boston, MA


The Midwest Book Review
"Dogs Don't Look Both Ways... is based on the personal memories of a husband, wife, and their beloved chocolate Labrador Joey; some names have been changed to protect individual privacy, and the colorful storytelling might best be dubbed "reality-based fiction". The exuberant, loving and trusting personality of Joey shines through, as Dogs Don't Look Both Ways is narrated from his canine perspective. Dog lovers everywhere will see a little bit of Joey in their own pets and their daily lives, in this wonderful and heartfelt reminiscence."

The Children's Book Review
"With a humorous voice and multiple anecdotes, Joey, a chocolate Labrador who enjoys digging and escaping beyond his home's fence, provides an entertaining narration for both children and adults... Dogs Don't Look Both Ways is a... great choice for soon-­to-be pet owners, as well as dog lovers of all ages. Any pet owner that has ever nursed an ill dog will have full appreciation for Hanser's retelling of her family's personal journey.. through Joey's voice. Young pet owners with dogs... suffering from injuries may also find solace and courage within the pages."

Jill LaCross, Just Labs Magazine
"Author Jane Hanser gives us a Lab with a voice, a dog with character - and having character is a must for a Labrador .... Life wouldn't be the same - or the bond truly tested - without a few adventures thrown in. Joey takes us on those adventures in an enjoyable, easy to read, pithy personal exposé of being a Labrador."

Jonathan D.  Scott, author, The Woman in the Wilderness
"This is a delightful and charmingly intelligent story, told through the eyes of Joey the dog, but the style is never coy or condescending. Highly recommended to dog lovers and everyone else."

Rubert Krueger, author, The Children's Story, About Good and Evil
"Although it would seem that the story of a dog's life would hold only limited interest, the opposite is true. Because this true story is about everyday life, the good events and the bad, it has a gentle, heart-warming appeal. In a sense, it brings a smile and a wish that life could be so simple, loving and honest... If you are not a dog lover, you may become one after reading this book."




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